Hospitality Linen Services

People’s Linen Service’s hospitality offerings can work at any scale. We have accounts that range from small Inns to the largest resorts in the region.

Services We Offer

Sheets And Bedding

We offer three different lines of sheeting at thread count levels of 200, 250, and 300 in Twin, Double, Queen and King sizes. Likewise we offer three complete levels of terry products with different weights, sizes and plushness. Pick one line, or mix and match to outfit your rooms to your liking.

Customer Ownd Goods

We will also service Customer Owned Goods (COGs) so you don’t need to let a prior investment stop you from working with us.

Always Improving

Here at People’s Linen we’re continually investing in new technology that allows us to deliver the highest quality goods at the fairest price. In 2017 we built a second, state of the art plant, where the only goods produced are hotel and spa linens. 

Our Delivery System

Our delivery system for rented goods is based on maintaining par inventories. We’ll work with you to set a shelf-level that fits your needs and work to keep you stocked to those levels. Unlike many competitors, People’s Linen will only charge you for what we bring in the door. We don’t charge any automatic shelf inventories for any Hospitality goods.

Delivery schedules will be worked to fit your needs. We find that many accounts can be serviced well with once or twice a week deliveries. However, if your operation needs more frequent stops, we can make that happen. For example, if you’re a COG operation and are concerned about turnaround times, we can find a schedule that works for everybody. 

Simple & Easy Billing

People’s Linen offers the simplest billing possible. Items are billed per piece and only on what’s delivered. There are zero automatic replacement charges, automatic shelf inventory charges, or environmental surcharges so common within our industry. This allows you to easily track your linen costs and keep tighter control of your expenses. 

Let's Get Started!

If high-quality linen service and headache-free billing sound appealing, contact us today.  We can’t wait to get started!