Superior Textile and Uniform Services

People’s Linen Service offers a full array of linen services throughout New England. We specialize in high-quality hotel and resort services as well as restaurant and banquet supply.

75+ Years of Dependable Service

People’s Linen Service has been providing superior textile and uniform services to the Hospitality and Food and Beverage industries for over 75 years. Our dependable service and straight-forward billing allows you to stress less, and focus on providing your customers a memorable experience.

Textile & Uniform Services

Our comprehensive range of sheeting and terry products can meet any benchmark, from the highest of standards to the most economical. We offer service for Customer Owned Goods and actively service boutique establishments, making sure that no matter the size of the establishment, People’s Linen Service can provide the perfect solution.

Our solutions are fully scalable and customizable, allowing us to meet any individual customer requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re wondering whether regular linen and garment service is the right choice for you, or have any queries about the process, we’ve got you covered. Our FAQ page contains all the answers to your questions, so take a look and make sure you’re fully informed before making a decision. 

With our helpful advice, you can make sure you get the best out of your linen and garment service.

Why Work with People's Linen?


People’s Linen strives to create a safe, clean environment while delivering quality products. We invest in cutting-edge equipment; two tunnel washers process up to 3,000 pounds per hour and utilize smaller machines that specialize in items.

We use over 160 soap-softener-bleach formulas tailored to fabrics, colors, and products. 


People’s Linen customers have come to expect professional and timely service. Our state-of-the-art handheld computers allow us to monitor our clients’ inventories and needs.

People’s new fleet managing GPS system allows us to track each driver’s progress and locations in real time, giving us the ability to react quickly to our customers.


In addition to People’s high quality and service standards, we aim to keep your total cost down. There are no hidden charges and no environmental or fuel surcharge fees.

Many of our competitors use additional fees to keep their initial bids low, but the end result is higher prices and a variable cost that is hard to predict week-to-week or month-to-month.


Great company to work with, great service and of course fantastic people work there!!!

 —  Craig G. | Facebook Review


“Best services in the Northeast!!”

 — Harvey H. | Google Review


I love people’s linen service! Use them every time I host a party!

 —  Amanda C. | Facebook Review