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What makes People’s Linen a better choice than a nation-wide company?

We are a better choice because of our local flavor. When dealing with us, you are talking directly to the people that handle any complications you have, the people who see your driver everyday, and most importantly, the people who handle your linen. We use a handheld computer that prints out your invoice on the spot, so that we do not have to edit pre-printed invoices.

What is your service area?

We service most parts of Vermont and New Hampshire. We also service a good part of Massachusetts. Give us a call – just because we are not currently in your area, doesn’t mean we can’t be in the near future. We have expanded a great deal in the last 15 years, going to places we never thought we would.

How soon can be begin receiving service?

How soon you can start depends on the amount of linen that you will be renting and the product-mix you’ll be receiving.

Most customers are able to start up in one or two days depending on their locations.

In the past, we have processed our linen on-site. What are the benefits of using your linen service?

A primary benefit is that you can increase your floor space for other uses, once your in-house laundry is removed. Your utility bills will decrease and you will be able to better concentrate on your customers.
Becoming green is the goal of many companies, and using a linen service reduces your waste stream. Although our processes do produce some waste, the waste is less intrusive on the environment than disposable paper.

We’ll quote a customer who has switched to us after processing his own linen. “You have made our life so much easier, we not only can save money or at least break even, but can put our efforts into the things that we should be focusing on. Our business has thrived with ironed sheets, and the linen is the whitest we have ever had. I never have to worry about buying linen, and I have less people on staff because of you.”

Do you have a catalog of your available product?

We do not currently have a catalog, as we prefer the hands-on approach. We will have a sales representative arrive at your door with samples for you to look at. A catalog is good for some things, but to get a true idea of the product, linen is better seen and felt in person. We always bring samples that have been through our system, rather than brand new product. This way, we are giving you a real-life example of the product you can expect.




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